Great Britain R/C Aerobatic Association

LARKS 2 day event at the Leicester club field Market Harborough, 24th 25th July 2004

The first competition in the UK where the FAI pilots flew 2 rounds of the PO5 schedule, 2 rounds of the FO5 schedule and two rounds of an unknown schedule.  The FAI pilots picked the manoeuvres at the close of flying on the Saturday and flew the schedule without practice on Sunday.

Relaxing a while after some quick adjustments!

Above - Mr Cool - Power, has found more than one use for it

Prepared for a typical British comp



Below - The FAI pilots choose their manoeuvres for the unknown schedule to be flown in rounds 5 and 6

Laughter was heard to come from the tent on many occasions, but I think it was nervous laughter even from the most experienced pilots, but the chief judge seems to be enjoying himself.

Everything was fully discussed

Another nervous moment

'Spectators' and Judges for the unknown


  Manoeuvre K Factor
  Take off Sequence 1
  Rolling circle one roll in 5
  Humpty bump (Pull, Pull, Push) 1/2 roll up 2/4  point roll down, exit inverted 3
  1 1/2 rolls reversed, exit inverted 4
  45  up 2/4 pt roll 1/2 loop (inside or outside) full roll down, exit inverted 3
  Avalanche with full snap from bottom, exit inverted 3
  Figure 9 from bottom 2/2 point roll up 2
  Hourglass mid entry, bottom first 2/4 point roll up 4
  Half inside loop full roll from top 2
  Figure M 3/4 point rolls 5
  Humpty bump (Pull, Pull, Push or Pull Push, Push) 1/4 roll up, 3/4 roll      down, exit inverted 3
  8 point roll inverted to inverted 4
  1/2 Cuban 8 from inverted 1 1/2 snaps 3
  Loop with 4 point roll 5
  Stall turn 3/4 roll up 1 1/4 snap down 4
  2/4 point roll 1 1/2 snap opposite 5
  Half square loop 1
  45 down with full snap, exit inverted 3
  Landing sequence 1