Brian David Passmore

Brian was an enthusiastic member of some 20 years standing until he died early 2006 after a short illness. This was his last visit to the field.

Brian's interest was for anything that flies, but particularly with Royal Navy insignia, an interest that was born during his time with the Royal Navy servicing aircraft on HM Aircraft Carriers.  Brian was delighted with a find on the internet of a photograph of his ship anchored in harbour in the Middle East with 'his aircraft' on deck.  He was unable to confirm he was actually on the photo, but he was certainly close by at the time.


Brian was thrilled when he was awarded with his BMFA 'A' certificate.

It was Brian's wish that the club should benefit from his collection of modelling equipment and late 2006 early 2007 we were able to set up the BDP Training Fund which has provided the club with a trainer to give potential new members a feel for flying and some reserves to keep the model flying for some time to come. 

Our BDP club trainer April 2007


This fund can only survive from voluntary contributions.  If anyone wants to contribute to the fund please contact any club committee member.