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University Challenge 2005 - Elvington Yorkshire

On Saturday 4 June 2005 thirteen teams from universities around the country met in Elvington Village Hall to introduce their models and present their seven minute report to the Judges, other team members and their supporters.  Around a hundred people and 13 models squeezed into the hall.  An excellent buffet was provided before the start of the proceedings, but it was evident that nerves prevented many taking full advantage of what was on offer.

There were two competitions taking place on Elvington airfield on the Sunday to prove the model designs:-

The Heavy Lift was for models of a maximum wing span of 3 meters to carry as much pay load as possible using a standard Irvine 40 engine.  A rectangular circuit with a 360 turn in the opposite direction in the down wind leg, had to be flown.  Take off had to be achieved within 61 meters and landing (at the last bounce!) within 122 meters.  The score would eventually be based on the biggest differential between model weight and pay load carried, the technical reports submitted in early May and the quality of the presentation on the previous evening.  The Electric Contest was to carry as much water as possible within a ten minute flying slot, using a maximum of 8 cells and 3000 amp hour capacity. A runner filled the container from one bucket and after flying the same course as the heavy lift models, the runner deposited the water carried into another bucket (at least that was the idea, the winning team actually deposited some water in the wrong bucket before being prompted by the supporters).

The following photographs represent what happened on the 4th and 5th of June, but can in no way start to show the effort, shear determination, innovation, frustrations, jubilations and many disappointments of the teams over the last few months.

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Photographed below with their pilots are the only two models to complete their predicted flights and remain undamaged. 

Sheffield 'A' SHUFLY 2005, heavy lift (5 kilos pay load, ratio of 1.67) and

 St Joseph's College, twin boom electric (4 x 500 mls in 10 minutes).

Contest Director: Dave Kerswell.  Flight Line Judge: Gordon Warburton.

The prizes were presented by Robin Gowler FSMAE.  Chairman. British Model Flying Association.   

Congratulations to all who took part


SHUFLY now resides in the atrium of the Department of Engineering, Sheffield Hallam University

Matthew and Tim being presented with their British Model Flying Association Bronze award

Click here to view the build of SHUFLY 2005