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Bob's latest - Radial Rocket July 2020


Hello to Andrew on his return to our club after many years.


Congratulations to Matt Hoyland again for his 6th consecutive British Champion crown.  RAF Barkston Heath 2019


Congratulations to John Morton for winning the BMFA National Championship Clubman schedule and to

Matt Hoyland who won the BMFA F3A National Championships Champion title for the fourth time.



May 2017 Justin Clarke has prepared one of the models to be flown at our club field donated by Paul and the late Norman Hindley.

August 2017 Neil Brayshaw is flying Paul's Wot 4.


Seen at the field. Spring 2017

20 September 2016

Seen at the club meeting - both models brought by Jack.

13 March 2016

Bob own design for the Winter of  2015 - 2016

John's very neat IC to Electric conversion of the ZN Line Fashion

February 2016 - Sunday afternoon at NASA


I am not revealing who is wearing it but if you want one talk to Mike.

We lost Mike in 2015 after a short illness. Mike was a well liked member who first

joined the club around 1985, and will be sadly missed.


19 August 2013 Repairs in progress after an attempted break in.

Thank you: John H, Charlie K. Neil B and Mike W.

6th July 2013 Summer at last.


Scale Day  16 June 2013

Roy Durman presents Jack with his trophy.  We lost Roy to a short illness in December 2015.

Roy was an long time friend of the club and an enthusiastic committee member.  He will be missed.


22 September 2012


12 February 2012





The camera was neglected for more time than I realised. Here are a few shots from 2010




Sunday 12 July

Taxi trials for the C47


Saturday 2 May

Congratulations to Steve and Mark on passing their 'B'


Easter Sunday and Monday at the Field


28th February - The morning shift when we cleared the hedgerow.

A white start to 2009


Not all Sebart Angels, there are a couple of Katanas as well.

6th April 2008. Snow showers all around with occasion white fluffy clouds over the field.

New for 2008

Preparing for the last flights of 2007

1 October 2007 - Summer at last and a successful day for all

18 June 2007

At the field on the 9 June 2007

Preparation and test flying the Sheffield Hallam entries for the BMFA Universities Heavy Lift Challenge 2007.

(see the BMFA web site for more details of the Heavy lift Challange )

At the field 1st June 2007.  After a full week of testing and Flying

Club Night 21 05 2007

Pete's Pup from Flair kit - OS52 four stroke

At the field 6th May 2007

Our club trainer gets some attention and Kevin shows off the progress on his Dakota.

 5th and 8th April 2007

Roy's 'Acro Master'                                      Bob's 'Cap 232'                                          


Action on the field 15 October 2006

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Smiles all round - 8 and 14 October 2006

Tony and Charlie receive their BMFA 'A' Certificates

Below - NASA at the BMFA National Chanpionships - RAF Barkston Heath 26/27/28 August 2006

Photos above by Bob Nash - below Free Flight - Hobbies Champion with ED Bee


23 July 2006


16th 17th June 2006

 Kevin                                   Dominic

The first really good flying day in 2006, the 3 June

Matt was experimenting with a Canalizer on his Synergy - We had a visit from the Ted Newsum, who was the first person to fly multi channel R/C in the Sheffield area, Bob with this years heavy lift team from Sheffield Hallam University and Kevin with his twin trainer


Brian's latest in his quest to build a bigger fleet than the Navy. 29 10 2005.

Peter presents Kevin with his 'A' Certificate

Action on the field 16/17 July 2005


Two members completed their 'B' Certificates, Bob Nash on the 29 May and Roy Durman on the 7 June. 

Two members completed their 'A' Certificates, Nick Champion on the 17 June, and Tim Turner on the 19th June.

Congratulations to all, well done!

Bob's and Tim's photograph will be posted as soon as they are available.

Roy with two BMFA Examiners and Nick being presented with his certificate by a special guest and BMFA examiner.

Keith our latest member OS 46 VMAR Hornet

Sunday 27 February 2005  -  Twin petrol ?????

Sunday 17 October 2004

Brian's 'A' Certificate presented at the field 1st September 2004

Matthew's new Synergy had its first flight.  Nick made some good landings with his Cub.  Stan's electric Cub and  the all moving tail plane on his OD from (empty) beer cans provided much entertainment in the air, assisted by Roy.

The lower 3 photos are at the NASA flying field but the models would look at home in 'Area 51'

Photos 1,2,3,5 - 7 August  2004, a sunny and very hot afternoon.  4 & 6 - 15 October 2004, much cooler.


Left: ZN Line Fashion before the disaster (thought to be pilot error, later found to be aileron extension leads broken within the plastic sleeveing).  Centre and right:  Original tailplane and rudder, 3 part wing repaired + 4 ozs, new fuselage finished as original but red on the top of the fuz brought forward to give what I think is a more balanced colour scheme, polyester basecoat and two pack clear finish.  Profilm wing and tailplane.  YS DZ140 Dingo, 15 x 13 APC prop

At the club field 12 July 2004.

 Nice to see one member happy and why shouldn't he be. Roy with his own design 'oldie' with OS 90 FS.  Brushed finish, looks the part and flies well.  John enjoys low speed aerobatics with his Smart Move.


Sheffield Hallam University entry for the heavy lift challenge at Elvington 6 June 2004 is test flown by Bob Nash at our field

The model weighs in at 2.5 kg and is expecting to lift at least 6 kg on a standard Irvine 40.  The laser cut ribs appear in a photograph lower down the page, the unusual under cambered wing section can be clearly seen.

My latest ARTF, 1 to 1 A380.  Wings not ready but I have plenty to be getting on with.

Note double deck is just visible through RH (red) fuselage end cover.  Pretty good scale detail!

24 April 2004 at the field (click on photos for bigger picture)


Sukhoi - Fuji 50 cc   Raven Quadra 35 cc both petrol

The 'MACH 1 ULTIMATE'  April 2004


Bobs Extra 300, OS 91 4 stroke March 2004 club meeting, and a sample of laser cut ribs.  (click on picture for more detail)

Keith - ZN Line Synergy 90 - YS 110 - JR PCM9X Tx

Paul's shinny new Wot4 - Irvine 46, on a wet Saturday afternoon. 

Left click on any photo for larger image.

Paul with his Lancair and MVVS 160 petrol



Bob  -  Hype 3D  -  OS 46

Matthew with his 40 Trainer 


Ashley - ZN Line Fashion.

YS 140DZ

Tim - Raven  -  Quadra 35cc petrol 

25 January 2004  A Good sunny flying day but the temperature was dropping by late afternoon


Paul Dack receiving his A Certificate on Sunday 7th December 2003.

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Sunday 5th August 2001.

Photos from GBRCAA competition at Skelbrooke Doncaster.

See News page for details.  Photographs thanks to Pete.


These photographs by Chris Anderson with his new digital camera.