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Following changes to Air Traffic Control Zones, before anyone flies a model at our field it is essential that they understand our agreement with Netherthorpe Airfield

Link to our 'Memorandum of Understanding' with Netherthorpe Airfield

Link to BMFA Article 16.  All members must indicate they have read and understood Article 16 on the BMFA GoMembership web site before flying a model above 250 grams


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We are a small club and the majority of members are rarely ambitious in the way of competitive flying. Our flying is confined to a small field which determines our activities have to be modest, but that does not diminish the effort, skill, craftsmanship, ability and sheer determination of the club members to build, fly and preserve their aircraft for their own and other members pleasure. Many skills have to be learned and mastered during the construction and flying of a small aircraft.  At the 2005 AGM it was decided that for safety reasons we can only accommodate fixed wing flying.

The majority of our flying is with sport type models, but there will always be a leaning toward making models that look like ‘real aeroplanes’.

Whatever our aspirations, we must take care and fly safely at all times. Even small aeroplanes can cause fatal accidents. By keeping a low profile in the area, keeping noise levels down, and by respecting our club rules we hope not to attract any adverse publicity which could lead to the loss of our field. We have enjoyed our facilities for over 38 years now and our aim is to continue.

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