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There will be a warm welcome awaiting you should you decide to call at our flying field Saturday or Sunday afternoon or Telephone the Secretary, 0114 2873432 for information. 


If you are new to the hobby and you would like to fly model aircraft safely and in a good club environment, or need some advice before you start; telephone the secretary on 0114 2873432.

You will be invited to call at the flying field to meet the committee, and other members.  Spend as much time with us as you wish and ask as many questions as you like.  We would not ask you to part with any money until you know us well, at which stage we would ask you to apply for membership on our official form for committee approval.

Do not try to go it alone! 

We ask that you join the British Model Flying Association ( www.bmfa.org ) which gives you insurance cover before you fly, and we can organise that for you.  

Switching on your 2.4 GHz transmitter on at home is not a problem, but if you switch on your 35 MHz transmitter in any other place than a designated flying field you may cause problems for yourself and others, due to radio interference, if another model is flying within two miles of your transmitter.  If you want to try your radio gear at home do not switch on with the transmitter aerial extended, leave the aerial in the collapsed position.  

If you are tempted to run a engine at home be aware of the annoyance to neighbours. 

If you have already bought equipment or a model bring it along.  We would want to check it over to make sure it is safe to fly, you may be asked to make some modifications in the interest of safety, but please be patient with us, there is a lot of experience in the club and we are only trying to help. 

If you are completely new to model flying, come and talk to us before you spend any money. 

All potential new members are introduced to the club in the same way.  Come and meet us, we can almost guarantee some committee members will be at the field or in the club house brewing coffee if it is snowing, wet or windy on Sunday afternoon .  There are some members who fly Wednesday and Saturday afternoons if the weather is good.

Existing Modellers

If you already fly model aircraft and wish to be considered for membership, please call at the field with your model on Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon.  UK standard 2.4Ghz equipment is generally used these days, but on the 35 MHz band we only use odd frequencies due to the proximity of "Anston Quiet Flyers" who use even frequencies.  Do not even be tempted to switch on if you are not 100% sure you are using odd numbered crystals and then only when you have taken your frequency peg from the pegboard. Proof of insurance will be asked for.  You may be asked to undergo engine noise tests and 'fail safe' tests and make modifications before you fly.

Meet the committee and other members and acquaint yourself with our rules.   After several visits you may be invited to join the club by applying to the committee on the official club form.